Mom with newborn

YOU DID IT! Congratulations, and welcome to parenthood! We are so excited for you and your newest addition. There are so many snuggles for you in store, along with spit ups, diaper changes, blowouts, drool, and all that good stuff! We hope your transition into being a parent has been going smoothly. We have a few self-care tips for your postpartum journey.

A typical ‘recovery’ time for after you give birth is around six weeks, no matter how you gave birth. It is very important that in this time frame you are doing everything you can to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly. A quick note: every new mom goes through the recovery stage differently. If you know of someone who ‘bounced back’ in little to no time after giving birth, that doesn’t mean you will, or should, too. Every BODY is different! First things first, do not push yourself. You really need to be taking it easy these first few weeks. Considering the fact that you have a newborn it should be fairly easy to lay-low and give your body a chance to regroup. 

Eating well is essential to easing pain and fighting constipation – about five smaller meals per day instead of three larger meals is recommended. Eating foods enriched in fiber will help ease you into the first postpartum bowel movement. Your first bowel movement after birth will take some time, but don’t force it. We know, it sounds odd but it really is something to ease into.

Wearing a comfortable nursing bra and keeping a warm compression or ice pack nearby will help with aching breasts, because that too, it very normal, especially for a mother who is breastfeeding.

Stay hydrated! This is so important. Drink lots of water to help flush out any excess fluids and to stay well hydrated. 

Limit your visitors, and don’t be afraid to ask people to leave when you feel they need to. Having too many people come visit you and your baby at once can cause for high-stress situations, which you and baby don’t need! If you feel that your body needs rest, your baby is fussy, its time to feed your baby, or really, for any reason at all, YOU ARE ABLE to tell your visitors when it’s their time to go! Don’t feel bad for doing what’s best for you and baby. More likely than not, your visitors will also understand. 

Taking the time you feel is right for your body to recover is so important, never compare your recovery time to the next persons. Every BODY is different, and that’s important to remember! Soak up this time with your new baby, recover, relax, and enjoy it. Here’s to new beginnings. 

With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team 

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