As a parent, being prepared is a top priority. Being prepared for absolutely anything and everything is what’s going to make your life so much easier when leaving the house with your baby! We’ve all been there… you’ve got a fussy baby while you’re out and about and as you reach inside of your diaper bag, you quickly realize that you forgot baby’s pacifier at home! Leaving you to make the decision…. do you deal with having a fussy little one out with you, or do you try again tomorrow? That’s what we’re here for!  We have made a list of diaper essentials to bring with when leaving the house with your little one. Enjoy! 

THE most important items you can bring in your diaper bag…? DIAPERS AND WIPES! Depending on where you’re going and how long you plan to be gone, packing about 6-10 diapers and a pack of wipes should keep you covered (and clean) for most of the day! Never. Forget. Diapers. Or. Wipes. REPEAT!  Following diapers and wipes – diaper cream or petroleum jelly and diaper powder.  It sounds odd, but you never know when a diaper rash is going to strike, and with babies it’s pretty often. It’s better to be safe than sorry! If you haven’t tried Burt’s Bees All Natural Baby Products you should!  The diaper rash cream is the best. 

Changing pad – more often than not, your diaper bag will come with one. But just in case it does not, bringing along a few disposable changing pads is always a good idea. You never know where you’ll end up having to execute a diaper change!   There are lots of stylish, portable changing pads on the market now.  Just remember to disinfect them regularly.  Also include a burp cloth AND an extra outfit (or two). Babies spit up a lot! They spit up on themselves but mostly they spit up on you. A burp cloth helps to prevent spit up mishaps on your clothes, and bringing an extra outfit for your little one helps keep them clean and dry. 

Water and snack… for you! It’s so important that you stay hydrated and energized while making a trek out of the house with your baby. 

Pacifier – if you choose to use them, bringing along a pacifier will help soothe baby when out and about will help keep you sane! It’s best to always have a pacifier that strictly stays in your diaper bag so you never forget one!

A blanket – bringing a blanket along can help you with many things such as sitting outside with your baby, extras layer in the stroller, create shade, and to use for emergency diaper changes if you forget a changing pad. 

We hope your treks out of the house with your little one are always easy-breezy, but just in case they’re not, at least you’re prepared for anything. Safe travels/errand running/whatever it may be that you’re doing! 

With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team