Mom shopping with baby

We know how fun and exciting shopping for your baby can be. But is everything you have in your shopping cart or registry needed? Probably not. There are plenty of things you will need, plenty of things that will be nice to have, and plenty of things that you just don’t need. It’s okay to get excited and go a little crazy when shopping, it’s nearly impossible to avoid, especially for a new baby. But here are a list of absolute must haves, and don’t needs. From us to you 🙂 –

Remember, we are not living in the Stone Age but all you really NEED for your baby are diapers, wipes, a nice blanket to wrap him/her in, a few articles of clothing and a crib. BUT, like we said, this is not the Stone Age. You need and deserve the accessories that will help make your job as a parent easier. Let’s start out with the nursery. I personally did not have a nursery with my baby, we shared a room. But, what I found that was extremely helpful for myself to have was a changing table! Some may argue that it is not needed, which they’re right, it isn’t. It’s one of those “nice-to-have” items. Along with a rocking chair for feeding and sleeping purposes, my chair saved my life! A humidifier/vaporizer is very helpful to have if you live somewhere with long, dry winters. Like me! I definitely wouldn’t need one if i lived anywhere else, but in Duluth, MN it is a “need” item. A dresser/any kind of storage for your baby’s items is very nice to have, definitely not a need very nice to have around.


Let’s talk about diapering gear. When they’re newborns, you don’t need to splurge on 8 boxes of newborn diapers… get MAYBE 2, they usually grow into size 1 diapers within the first few weeks – and stay in a size 1 for quite some time. The next “need” item are the wipes. Diapers & wipes are the best dynamic duo there is out there. Next item that I think is very important to have is diaper rash cream/ointment. Diaper rashes happen fairly often with babies 0-12 months. All natural products like Burt’s Bees Baby Bee are highly recommended. Along with baby powder. Something that you definitely don’t need even though they’re all the rage… a wipe warmer. Let’s say you do get one and use it often, and one day you go out and forget it. Having to use cool-temped wipes on your little ones butt… that’s a pretty big fit they’re going to throw since they are so used to warmer wipes. It’s a luxury that is just not needed with a baby.  But you decide if it’s right for you.


Bath time is my favorite. Once your baby gains their sea legs and isn’t as squirmy and afraid of it, bath time will be a marvelous time for everyone. A few “need” items – a few hooded towels, along with some washcloths. An infant sized tub is definitely a need. Baby bath/wash and baby shampoo – need. Baby nail clippers come in handy, those teeny tiny baby nails grow fast and are SHARP. Something that you really, really don’t need… a baby sized bathrobe. Yes they make for great Instagram photos, but it’s hard enough getting a baby dressed in real clothes, let alone a bathrobe. It’s cute, but unnecessary. 

Of course we are not here to tell you what you “can” and “cant” buy for your little one. They deserve the world. But, we are here to tell you what’s necessary and what’s not, based on our experience with our little ones.

Baby Discovery Box Team