Baby in bath tub

Splish, splash, we are taking a bath! Bath time is a wonderful time for learning, playing and bonding. Let’s dive right in. Here are a few “what to knows” about bath time from us to you.

The first bath you give your wiggly, squirmy newborn (gosh babies are slippery) may have seemed tricky, but once your little one has gained their sea legs, bath time will be all the more fun and all the less difficult. For a baby, a bath can be an extraordinary sensory experience. Your baby spends most of his/her day wrapped up nice and dry, which is why bath time offers your baby an array of sensory stimuli to enjoy and bask in. 

Don’t be shy, we know you want to belt out all the words to Baby Shark while watching your little one splish and splash! So let’s break out the bath toys. Rubber duckies and other water-loving animals help build baby’s imagination, and with the help of parent’s commentary, it will help with your baby’s communication skills.

Bath time can be a helpful step to incorporate into a nightly routine. Bathing your baby in the evening can help soothe and calm them, prepping them for a full night’s rest. They get to play and tire themselves out in the bath –a win-win for baby and parent. If they are teething, it is also a great distraction for them. 

With the help from a water-soaked sponge or bath toy, your little one can strengthen his/her hand and finger muscles, making it easier for them to learn to grab objects and hold onto them. Soak a sponge in the bath water, and show your baby how to squeeze out all of the water from it. Little games like that really go a long way when it comes to developing certain muscles in baby.

Incorporating bath time into your routine as often as you can will help ensure that your little one is getting used to taking baths and will give them a sense of stability in their daily routine. Believe it or not, bath time can be hard on babies. It takes strength and lots of support from parent. The more often baths are being taken, the easier it will get. Happy tub time! 

We have made sure to incorporate plenty of bath-time toys in our boxes for the appropriate age, making bath time a happy time for baby and parent. 

With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team