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Tummy Time! ~

Here we go – we are officially dipping our toes into the first sweet, sweet taste of independence! Are you ready for it? We know you are. Let’s dive in head first.

Tummy time… the benefits? The benefits of tummy time are endless, but here’s a just a few – it develops strong head and shoulder muscles, helping baby build up the strength needed for rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and eventually… WALKING!  The best time for tummy time is right after a nap, diaper change, or bath – the less distractions the better, although, from one parent to the next, cheering on your little one gives confidence and reassurance that you’re there and makes for excellent bonding time. Snap photos while you can. Pretty soon it will be nearly impossible to take photos of baby. Once they’re on the go, they make capturing their sweet faces nearly impossible.

When first introducing tummy time, keep it to around five minutes. Gradually increase a few minutes each time, but baby will be sure to let you know when they’re over it for the time being. With a newborn, you can actually practice tummy time while laying your baby on your chest or lap for about two minutes per session. It’s also a great way for you and your little newborn to bond.   Once baby is comfortable with tummy time, try placing a few of their favorite toys in front of them. It gives your little one that reflex to grab in front of them – a great motor skill activity!   Baby Discovery Box month two contains the perfect tummy time book for baby. 

A fun and silly activity to try: Place a mirror in front of your baby. It may throw baby off at first, but watching them coo and make faces at themselves is absolutely priceless and a great way to bond with your baby.


Note: for more information on Tummy Time go to “What to Expect the First Year”.

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