Baby drinking out of sippy cup

Something that is very overlooked is when to introduce sippy cups to your baby. We’re here to give you a few tips on when to start, how to start, and why. Enjoy – your little one is getting yet another TASTE of freedom!

Sippy cups… when do I introduce them? Well, the answer to that is to introduce them into your little one’s routine as early as possible. As early as six months of age, your little one can start using sippy cups. Don’t worry if they don’t take an interest to them right away; it takes a lot of strength for your little one to be able to hold a sippy cup and maneuver it at the same time! But that is the reasoning behind introducing them so early on. It builds wonderful hand/eye coordination and helps build muscles needed to pick things up and hold them.

Using sippy cups also helps baby communicate what they want. If they’re thirsty, they will direct you to their cup. Using a sippy cup is great around snack time, when introducing at around six months. Laying out a few age appropriate snacks and their cup allows them to have the option of what to grab for, giving them total (well, mostly) control of the situation. Making them feel independent builds great trust between baby and parent!

You can put formula or breast milk in their sippy cup or if they’re older than six months, some water. If achievable, try giving them a choice. It may seem far-fetched, but trust us.  Babies know what they want and, if given the opportunity, will try expressing it to you. It’s all about communication.

We hope your sippy cup journey treats you well. Cheers!

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