Baby sleeping with cuddly toy

We all know how much a good night’s rest is cherished and appreciated after having a baby, so we’re here to give you a few tips that might make bedtime easier, and a full night’s rest accomplishable!

For starters, we know every baby is different. Every individual baby is hard wired differently. It is very important to never compare your parenting skills or your baby’s sleeping routine to another’s. You’ll get into a routine that works best for you and baby, it just takes time! We here at Baby Discovery Box have all had babies and have all dealt with the craziness of sleeping schedules and routine readiness. We’re here for you.

First and foremost, a clean diaper is 100% necessary for bedtime/nap time. Getting your baby into a clean diaper will ensure more time for peaceful rest. Before bed, giving your little one a warm bath is sure to calm those playtime nerves from the day and will help with easing into bedtime and hopefully entering into a deep sleep!  See our Baby Discovery Box Six for some bedtime products.

Softly playing lullabies for your baby will help with shutting down their busy minds and ease them to sleep. Simultaneously rocking them and humming along to the music is a huge help. Your baby hears your voice and is immediately comforted with the fact that you’re there with them. One key thing to note is to NOT rock them until they are fully asleep. It’s good to get into a routine of rocking them halfway asleep, and try to let them fall asleep on their own in their crib/bassinet. It will make bedtime/nap time easier on you in the long run, we promise.

Abbreviating your bedtime routine throughout the day for naptime is also something that will help ensure that your little one is getting naps in. Naps are important for baby AND parent!

Essentially, having a routine that you stick to is going to be the most effective. Baby will then learn that it’s time for sleep. Your bedtime routine does not have to be elaborate. In fact, it’s better to make it as simple as possible, so you can mimic it anytime, anywhere.

We sure hope you’re getting some sleep, and if not, may your coffee and ambition be strong!