Baby with sunglasses in sling with mom

Having a baby at home means you’ve got them in your arms for hours on end, which we know is exhausting. But, babies want to be close to you, on you, near you, and with you. You are their safe space and when you’re not nearby, they know. That can make every-day tasks pretty tricky! How are you going to carry in groceries, make a pot of coffee, do laundry, or even do dishes? The answer… baby wearing!! 

Baby wearing has been around for centuries. In the past few years, this method of keeping your baby close to you has been extremely popular. It is very effective and has many benefits. 

Babies who are worn by their parents tend to cry less! It soothes baby, keeping them warm and close to parent, and gives you an extra hand. You can get some work done, all while keeping your baby close and soothed. It’s the best of both worlds! 

Wearing your baby is actually great for muscle development. Your baby is not lying down; they’re having to slightly balance their head upwards, also reducing flat head syndrome. 

Wearing your baby helps reduce crying, which means your baby is spending more time being in tune to their surroundings. They are also able to be in touch with their senses while hanging out (or literally on) parent! 

It’s overall a great way for you to bond with your baby, too. You get to be close to your little one while having your hands free – which can also help with boosting confidence in both parent and baby! Your baby trusts you to keep them safe, and you are able to get stuff done or even just sip on a cup of coffee with a free hand to hold a delicious pastry.   Give it a try! We think you’ll enjoy it, and baby will too!




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  1. I totally agree with you. wearing is such a good thing to carry babies. It helps in making their neck muscles strong. It also helps babies to stop using baby swing, once you start using it your baby will be less affected towards swing. So overall its a win win situation.

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