Mom going to work

Going Back to Work after Maternity Leave

The time spent at home between parent and baby during the first weeks of their life is indescribable. You’re making your own schedule that works for you and baby. You’re getting used to life just being you and your little one. The thought of going back to work may seem tough, and trust me, I know! Setting yourself up for going back to work is important, and there are a few important things you must do.

First, if your little one is going to daycare while you’re at work, it’s important that you tour the daycare of your choosing. Becoming familiar with the surroundings your baby will be a part of is important for feeling more at ease. The feeling of worry will become a distant memory once you familiarize yourself with the staff, the surroundings of the daycare, and also getting to know what the schedule is like. It’s important that you stick to some sort of concrete schedule with your baby.

If you are having a sitter come to you, whether that be a relative or not, make sure you lay down some ground rules. Being honest and upfront with what you expect out of a sitter is not too much to ask! It also helps in keeping you 100% comfortable and stress-free. Don’t worry, you got this!

Now, actually leaving for work will be tough! But trust me, your baby will not despise you for going back to work. Those were thoughts that played through my head like a broken record when I first went back to work, but it’s just silly!

If you plan to pump while you are at work, making sure you know of a comfortable spot to do that is key. It can be stressful pumping at work, but don’t work yourself up. Plop in some headphones, read a book, or eat a snack! After the first few times doing it, you’ll feel like a champ, and soon it will become second nature.

Coming home to your baby after a day at work feels absolutely glorious – but after some time it can also feel quite stressful. Whether your job is a demanding one or not, coming home to a little one who demands all of your attention can feel like work all over again! Setting up healthy boundaries for some YOU time in between work and being a parent is absolutely necessary. Sometimes it hits you and sometimes it doesn’t, but taking time away from your baby helps build a stronger bond. You’ll come back from your break refreshed, energized, and recharge! We all deserve a break – don’t feel guilty for it!

As you get used to work life after your maternity leave, always remember this – you are a warrior! You’re strong, brave, and truly incredible. Keep it up.