Family with newborn

Setting Boundaries with Visitors and Guests

After spending a certain amount of time making silly faces and talking strictly in a baby voice, you long for an adult conversation. However, sometimes having company over can be too much. It’s always appreciated having friends and family that love and care for not only you but your baby, too. Having that sense of comfort and security is essential, but make sure you’re setting boundaries.

After bringing your baby home from the hospital, it’s a whole new world. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. It can feel very lonely, so you ring up your closest pals and invite them over! After about an hour of conversation, you’re exhausted. Speak up! It may seem like it’s asking too much to ask for your company to say their goodbyes for the day, but trust me, they will understand. I went through feeling ashamed for not wanting to spend more time with my friends and family after my son was born, but it’s the last thing to feel bad for.

Calling people on the phone on days that you’re not feeling like having company over is just as great! You can engage in adult conversation with no baby talk and end the call as soon as you feel like it.

This is uncommon and won’t happen as much as you think it will, but there may be times where Grandma just can’t help but stick around and talk your ear off (we appreciate you, we really do, but a mama needs mama time to recharge).  Just be firm and polite, and ask for space.

One of the most important things I have grasped while being a mother is that boundaries are really important. You should never feel guilty, selfish or rude asking for them. Set them up as needed and break them down as needed. Always listen to yourself and what you know is best for you and your baby.