Baby hands in paint

Benefits of Making Art with Baby

Art is a beautiful thing. Letting your children explore their inner artist is so great for getting them in tune with their fine motor skills and coordination! Creativity plays a huge role in your child’s life; let them indulge in it with a paintbrush and a canvas. You will be amazed at what could come out of it!

There are so many benefits to making art with your children. So let’s start by laying down some newspaper or old paper grocery bags, grab a palette, put paint in it, lay a canvas right down in front of your little one and watch the magic happen!

Not only does exploring with art help with their fine motor skills, but it drastically enhances their creative problem solving skills, which helps build skills and improve academic outcomes, preparing them for school. Arts and crafts usually calls for using both hands, moving them every which way, mastering the art of coordination.

Art helps kids express themselves! Since younger children aren’t as verbal, everything they do is very visual. Art helps with communication and expressing their emotions. Whether they are good or bad emotions, getting them out is healthy and usually needed in younger children. Not being understood can be frustrating, but visual representation of emotions can sometimes be clearer than verbal.

Art comes with an endless amount of possibilities. There are so many choices to be made when making art… “Will my dog have a purple or green tail?” “Should my house be yellow or orange?” Art inspires kids to think critically. They can evaluate their own decisions by what they choose to do with their drawing/painting/etc. which can also lead to great conversation topics. Even if your little one doesn’t speak, commenting on their art projects helps bond you together. Art is a bonding process – the greatest one!

Watch your little Picasso thrive!