Baby in the snow

Although the winter months seem to drag on and on, winter is a great time for learning and discovering! When prepared and dressed accordingly, playtime outside with your little one can be a great experience. Here are a few things you need to know about playing outside with your little one.

Watch the temperature! It is safest to stay indoors if temps are below 20 degrees. If anywhere between 20-30 degrees, it’s very important that should you choose to play outside that you stay cautious, layer up underneath jackets and snow pants, and check on your little one’s cheeks and hands.

Temps above 30 degrees is perfect for playtime outside. Since your little ones spend most of their days bundled up nice and warm inside, it’s nice to let them experience what the winter months are like. Making sure your little ones are bundled up, letting them play with snow (if you have snow in your area) is a great sensory experience! The cold, fluffy substance will spark imagination in your little one’s mind! This also means it’s time for the many questions they will have! “What is this?” “Where did it come from?” “Why is it so cold?” It’s best to talk with your little ones when they ask questions to help educate and fuel their hunger for discovery.

As exciting as the snow will be to your little ones, it’s important to keep their outside time to a minimum. The winter wonderland will still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…. seems like forever.

Take advantage of this wonderful winter sensory experience the best you can!