Man laying with crying baby
Man laying with crying baby

We’ve all been there – baby is crying and there’s nothing we can do to ease their stress and calm them down… it’s difficult, it’s exhausting, and mostly it’s defeating. When your baby has colic, your world can seem a little all over the place. Here are a few tips and tricks we have for you that hopefully help your journey.

The main symptom of colic is crying – hard, loud, angry crying for hours on end.  It usually occurs later in the evenings, around bedtime. Your baby will be inconsolable, and it will be difficult! So what can you do?

Get Moving. Going for a drive with your baby is great, having them sit in a mobile swing, or even dancing! Movement to distract your little one helps with the crying.

Keep your baby close. Babies who are held more tend to cry less. It’s the comfort of knowing that no matter what, you will be there. Skin-to-skin contact is everything.  Swaddling your little one may be difficult while they are upset, but swaddling is extremely comforting to babies.  Baby wearing also helps you keep baby close.

Put on background noise. Soft, slow music or lullabies is great for baby. Getting a white noise machine will also work, especially around bedtime. Soft noises will block out any outside stimulation that may be upsetting baby. Using a pacifier for some colicky babies can be extremely soothing, and distracting.  I used to put baby a swing and run the vacuum cleaner nearby.

Search the internet for natural remedies.  There are herbal drops for baby and make things that a breastfeeding mom can drink that will help, like catnip tea.

Most importantly, take a stress break – for the both of you. If you need to lay your baby down in their crib or bassinet so you can have a moment to yourself, then do it. Always trust your instincts. No matter what, dealing with an inconsolable baby can drain you and make you feel less. But always remember, you are doing your absolute best to ensure the health and safety of your baby and that is all that matters. You are amazing.