Baby and toddler
Baby and toddler

Having a baby is exciting, it’s a lifelong journey filled with love, laughter, and happiness. But, having a baby with a toddler in the picture comes with challenges! Such as your child getting jealous or frustrated with how much time and attention will be spent on the baby. Here are some tips you can use to help ease your toddler into the new baby’s life. Enjoy ❤️

Planning the first meeting is important. Toddlers have so much energy, and that is something you may lack after giving birth. Cheers to you, you’re a warrior, by the way! But with you being away giving birth, your absence may be unsettling for your toddler. When your child sees you, it will be you that they will want to connect with first. Make sure to give your child positive affirmations such as ‘it is so nice to see you’ and tell them that they were missed. As you slowly reacquaint with each other, start to introduce the baby. As you do that, include lots of hugs and kisses.   Have the new baby in a bassinet or crib when you introduce them.  This is easier for the toddler than having mom or dad holding the new baby.

The baby will still be a ‘stranger’ to your toddler. Introduce them, say the baby’s name, be comfortable. If your toddler can sense that you’re stressed, the meeting may not go as smooth as you may have wanted.

Express your excitement about the baby to your toddler and keep them included. Saying things like ‘I am so excited for you to be such a great big brother/sister!’ will help them understand just how awesome and important their role in their lives will be.

Doing fun things like getting a ‘gift’ from baby to toddler may help as well! Bring in a small gift for your toddler for their first meeting and make sure that it is known that the gift is from their new sibling! Their smile will light up and trust will be built.

In whatever you do, making sure your toddler is included in this new journey is the most important. You will do great, and so will your toddler.