mother and father talking to little one
mother and father talking to little one

Positive Parenting Languages

As another day in the life of a parent flies by, you can sometimes find yourself feeling frustrated. In all honesty, really frustrated. I’ve been there! I understand! It’s hard to express your feelings to your child when they aren’t always happy and warm feelings. 

We all want to be positive all day everyday, but that’s pretty far fetched when some days your patience is being tried, and you’re truly just exhausted. But, in the midst of these feelings, we have to stay connected to our positive parenting languages. Here are a few tips from us to you!

Words that are so commonly used, like no, stop, and don’t can have a negative affect on your children! It feels like a constant power struggle. You want your child to respect you, and understand that you are in charge, but going about how you express it can reduce tantrums and whining. Practicing positive language skills with your child lets them know what does and doesn’t slide, but without feeling commanded to know. That is huge.

When using positive language with your child they will feel at ease with you. It may take more time, but that’s because your child isn’t questioning what they shouldn’t  do, they are now exploring all of the things they can do. You are respecting your child as a whole person, instead of a small child. Children are smart, they absorb everything that is tossed their way. Picking up on positive languages carries on with them throughout their entire lifetime!

For example: instead of saying ‘Stop running’ say ‘Slow down please!’. Or when you want to say ‘No hitting!’ say ‘Be gentle when you touch.’

It is a softer, more gentle and respectful way to communicate. 

You and your child will have a much more clear understanding of one another. Building a foundation of trust and open communication. 

Try it out! Do your best, and know that with everyday comes new opportunities.

The Baby Discovery Box Team