baby eating vegetables cut up into squares
baby eating vegetables cut up into squares

Organic on a budget! ~

Eating organic – why do it? It sounds like something you should do because it’s trendy, but that’s not the case. Eating organic is simply this: organic food is food how it should be!

But, isn’t eating organic less budget friendly? Not at all! Here are some tips and tricks on how to eat organic on a budget. ❤️ Make a menu prior to shopping. Buying organic or not, we spend so much money on groceries that we don’t eat! Making a list before heading to the store is a great way to reduce waste, along with saving some money. Only buy what you need.

Coupons! Although they can be hard to come by, you can always find coupons for organic food online. Sometimes taking the time to email your favorite organic company can result in your getting free coupons in the mail.

Keep it simple. Sometimes when I grocery shop I get way too excited, resulting in lots of waste. Yikes. But, not every meal you make has to include so many items. As I am shopping, I like to jot down the prices of the items I am buying. Have a budget in mind, and if you’re going over budget, put away the ‘non-necessity’ items. More times than not you’ll surprise yourself on what you need vs. what you don’t!

Learn what’s most important to buy in organic form and what you can still buy in conventional form. As much as possible, stay away from too many preservatives, fake sugars, chemicals and additives. The fewer ingredients the items have, the better they are for you. Eating organic is something that’s worth looking into, and it’s also something that takes some practice, Try it out and let us know how you did!

With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team