baby touching dad's face
baby touching dad's face

Developing Baby’s Sense of Touch

Baby’s first year is full of exciting new sounds and smells and sights, but baby’s sense of touch is also important.  Some of baby’s first touches are the softness of mom’s skin, the roughness of dad’s face, the wet muzzle of the family dog.   These are all exciting and comforting to baby.

There are lots of ways to help develop baby’s sense of touch while you are also having fun with baby.  Like playing with different fabrics.  Try rubbing baby’s skin with textures like satin, silk, velvet, terry cloth, fur, and cotton so they can get to know how each one feels.  Give baby tummy time on different textured surfaces like rugs, towels, the kitchen linoleum, or a hardwood floor.

Give baby toys with texture to play with.  A snuggly blanket with satin tags, a teddy bear, fabric teethers and rattles made of different cloths.  The choices are endless, and baby will be having fun while learning.  Baby Discovery Boxes are full of different textured toys for just this purpose!

One of the most important things you can be doing as a parent are things that just come natural to you.  Show your baby the everyday objects around your house and let them explore safely and learn naturally.

You’ve got this!


With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team