small child dragging suitcase through the airport
small child dragging suitcase through the airport

It’s baby’s first Christmas and everyone is so excited to get to spend some quality time with the new baby!   You are excited to get a break from relatives who want to hold and play with baby.  But then come the fears, how can we lug all this stuff to Grandma’s house, will baby be miserable and cry the whole time, how will we keep to the nap schedule we finally perfected, will he keep people up all night?

Well, don’t let your fears and anxiety get the best of you.   So what if baby cries through the entire Thanksgiving dinner.  Let other people take turns holding and soothing baby while you finally get to sit and enjoy a hot meal.

Here are a few tips to try to get through the holidays.   First and foremost, relax.  If you are uptight baby will be uptight.  If you are traveling a long way ship ahead some stuff so you don’t have to lug a suitcase full of diapers.  Or better yet, send your hosts a shopping list and let them run to the store for diapers, formula, and other bulky supplies and have on hand for you when you arrive.

If you plan to fly with baby – check out this post by veteran traveler Colleen Lanin for tips to make your flight easier.

Ask for help!  Let others take turns getting up with baby during the night or take baby for a walk so you can nap.    I love taking advantage of family mealtime to offer to hold baby while everyone else eats to make sure I get my turn with the little one.

Get baby outside daily if possible, as fresh air does wonders for everyone.

Try to stick to your nap schedule as best you can.   Bring what you need for sleeping success.  If you have traveling far see you can rent equipment at your destination, so you have the bed you need that baby sleeps best in.  Aim for at least one good nap each day.  Plan your activities around nap time.  If baby is guaranteed to fall asleep in the car, plan your car ride around nap time.   Keep the same bedtime routine to help baby get a good night’s sleep.

When you arrive at Grandma’s house or hotel room make sure you survey the surroundings and baby proof as needed.   Also make sure someone is always watching baby because when lots of people are around it’s easy to assume others are watching and accidents happen.

Have fun.  Relax and enjoy the changes in your surroundings!

You’ve got this mom!


Baby Discovery Box Team