baby sleeping in crib
baby sleeping in crib

Change can be difficult, we know this! But, when it comes to where baby sleeps at night should be an easy transition for all. 

Whether you co-sleep and want to move your baby to a crib, or want to have your little one sleep in their own nursery, we have some tips for you.

If you are co-sleeping with your little one and want to transition to a crib or bassinet, do not fret. All it takes is patience and lots of positive affirmations *and honestly a handful of breakdowns but who’s really counting*. 

In the earlier stages of your baby’s life, having a crib in the same room you sleep in may make things a little easier. You can monitor baby all throughout the night without having to get up too often. When putting baby to bed, it is essential to establish a routine. Putting baby to bed at the same time every night will make it so your little one is ready for it! Being near your baby’s crib while they doze off is important, but make sure not to hover. Having your presence close will ease baby into sleeping more soundly. Playing soft lullabies, and swaddling your little one may help as well. 

If you plan to have your baby sleep in a crib that is in their own room, that is fine as well! I recommend having a baby monitor near your throughout the night, just to keep you at ease. Keeping a dim light on in the room with some white noise are ingredients to a great nights sleep. Staying close to your baby’s room as they are falling into a deep sleep is also a good idea. Be consistent in your routine, and make sure it is comfortable for you and baby! 

Whatever you may choose to do, do it with your heart! Whatever it takes to get a good nights rest is always worth it. A happy baby, makes a happy mama. 🤍

With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team