black and white baby board book

A common question that’s asked: Do babies really only see in black and white? The answer to that is yes for about the first four months or so. Just after birth, a baby only sees in black and white. Isn’t that interesting?

Newborns can only focus about eight to twelve inches from their faces. As early as about a week old your baby starts to respond to movement and can register your face. It’s all up to you to introduce them to a world full of color – a discovery that is truly exciting!

Black and white toys…they’re popular and for a reason! Black and white toys will help your baby’s ability to focus. The sharp contrast between black and white will make it easier for your baby to see, as their vision is still a bit fuzzy. The visual pathways in your baby’s brain respond well too strong patterns, which is why using black and white toys for baby’s first few months is important.

By around six months, they will start to see an array of different colors. Introducing toys and books of all different colors is great for baby’s development, like developing those eye muscles

Being a parent is a wild ride, but before you know it you’ve developed a routine that works for both you AND baby. Bonding through books and playtime is the best way to make memories in these early months. Keep calm, we’re here to help. We’re honored to be a part of your baby’s development.