Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Cold weather is very problematic for little one, especially newborns.  They don’t have that nice layer of fat that helps insulate against the cold, they can’t store energy like we do to create heat production.    Babies will lose heat faster than they produce it and they can’t tell you when they are cold so you must be careful with your little one in the winter.

Getting fresh air and some sunshine is also very important for your little one so getting outdoors is important.   What should you do when heading outdoors?  Make sure baby has at least one item of clothing that is a body suit so that no skin on their body becomes exposed to the cold when you are carrying baby and their jacket or shirt rides up or pants slide down.  This could be a long sleeve body suit or a sleeper onesie, a one-piece outfit, or snow suit. If you are headed out in a stroller or just moving to the car, use a blanket to cover.   Make sure baby is wearing a warm hat, mittens and boots so they are warm all over.

It’s very important, once you get baby in the car seat you might have to remove a bulky jacket so that the harness of the car seat fits safely.   If you do need to remove the jacket, make sure your car is warm and use a blanket to cover up after baby is safely buckled in the seat.

If baby gets too warm, they might look flushed or sweaty and may breath rapidly.  Remove layers as needed so your little one doesn’t get to warm.

If you get cold, baby is probably cold so head back inside!


Happy winter from the Team and Baby Discovery Box.