three month old baby on tummy laughing

The three-month-old stage is often a favorite for parents. Here’s what you can look forward to with your three-month-old!

First of all, baby should be starting to sleep a bit longer and maybe mom is catching up on some much-needed sleep.  That will allow you to enjoy baby more when they are awake.   At age 3 months babies should start smiling at the sound of mom’s voice!  What an amazing feeling that is when the little creature you created greets you with a big smile.

Baby’s hearing is improving and they start to recognize their parents’ voices.  Baby may turn their head towards the sound of your voice or the sound of a rattle.  If you are a Discovery Box customer, you can use the rattles that come in boxes two and three to work with baby on helping them learn to turn their head towards noises.

Baby’s neck muscles are getting stronger and they can lift their heads by 90 degrees thanks to tummy time practice.  Start extending the periods of time that you have baby on their tummy.

Can your three month old laugh?  Some babies are working on the sounds they can make and they are starting to babble and shriek and laugh.   So fun!

Some parents describe three months as the time things start to find a rhythm. Baby’s body starts to have regular patterns of sleep and eat and wake times, and you’ll be able to come out of the feeling of every day being totally different.

But always, always remember that every baby is different. What’s typical isn’t necessarily what will happen with you, and that’s okay! We all learn at our own speeds, and your baby will to. As well as you can, take deep breaths, let go of expectations, and embrace gratitude in your daily life.

Baby Discovery Box Team