Mother and her baby face to face

How to Have a Good Mother’s Day(No Matter What)

Whether this is your first Mother’s Day or your fortieth. Whether you’ve lost babies, have one baby, or have ten. Whether you had a great mother or wish you hadn’t had a mother at all.

1. Turn off your phone.

Don’t look at what other people are making this holiday. Did you know even the creator of Mother’s Day hated the holiday? He wanted to remind people to value their mothers… not be obligated to buy them stuff.


2. Don’t feel like you have to celebrate.

Just be. Don’t drop hints or send suggestions or imagine improbable scenarios in which you’re swept away for a day of luxury.


3. Choose a mindset of gratitude.

This can seem like really bossy advice, but it comes from my own experience, with science backing. Finding things to be grateful for, even when you don’t want to, can bolster your mood and feed your joy.


4. Make time for the little things.

It’s the small moments that mean the most to us anyway. Be open to the tiny suggestions that turn into the most delightful memories.

5. Remember it’s just a day.

This day does not define you. Whatever your journey is, this day is not a summation of it. It’s merely one day that people can choose to treat slightly differently from normal.


May you have a happy day and may you find joy.

The Baby Discovery Box Team