Is your hair routine to wash once a week and ignore your hair the rest of the time? Do you do “the mom bun” because you don’t really have any other idea what to do? Or do you have a child with a different hair type from you and are completely lost?

Whatever hair – we don’t care!

Here’s how to care for different hair types with tips for styling!


For straight hair

  • Wash as often as it gets oily. (Only rinse if dusty or sweaty as dust and sweat can be washed away with water.)
  • Use conditioner if hair is prone to tangles or frizz, or on coarse-textured hair which needs more moisture.
  • Detangle with a wider-toothed comb or brush with spaced bristles. (You can also use a brush with soft-close bristles after to smooth your hair and give it shine.)


For curly, fine hair

  • Wash hair only as often as it gets oily.
  • Use a small amount of conditioner or detangler.
  • Detangle with a wide-toothed comb only when hair is wet. Do not brush.
  • Help hair retain its curl by lifting and scrunching while it’s drying. Optionally define the curls by wrapping them around a stick or hairbrush handle. Also optionally use a bit of curl cream to help the curls hold.


For curly, thick-textured hair

  • Wash only once or twice a month.
  • Use a deeply-moisturizing conditioner.
  • Detangle with a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush for textured hair only when hair is wet.
  • Look for styling guides on Youtube.


General tips:

  • Make sure to scrub the scalp well with either fingertips or a soft silicone scrubber. Babies’ heads release extra oils that easily build up on the scalp and behind the ears. Resist the temptation to scrape this loose, as that can damage the scalp.
  • Air dry when possible as heat-drying can damage hair.
  • Comb tangled hair by starting at the ends and slowly combing from higher and higher.
  • To keep the top of your hair from getting that fluffy, frizzy look, put hairspray on a brush and brush it into the hair.
  • Use a comb or brush to pull hair into your hand for a ponytail to get everything and help it look tidy.
  • Start putting bobby pins in the opposite direction of how you want them and then flip them around and finish inserting them for a stronger hold.
  • If you want hair style ideas, use the kind of hair your child or you have in the search terms on youtube.


Have some fun with your child’s hair this week!