baby crawling
crawling baby

Did life suddenly get a whole lot busier?   Life with a seven-month-old in the house can be chaos.   Baby might now be getting very mobile.   If you haven’t already baby proofed your house, now is the time!    Baby should be able to bring themselves to a sitting position.  Maybe your little one has started crawling.   Not to mention, everything is going into baby’s mouth!

It is now time to pick up and move objects from coffee tables and floors and get out of baby’s reach.  Put plugs in all the outlets.  Remove heavy objects that baby can reach and pull down on themselves.

At 7 months old, solid food can start entering baby’s meal plan.  What foods can a 7-month-old eat?  Start with cereals like barley, rice, and oats.  Keep it natural and stay away from cereals with added sugar.   Fruits and vegetables can start being added to baby’s diet.   The Baby Discovery Box 7 comes with a silicone feeder that makes it easy for baby to start trying soft foods.  Place some mashed up avocado, banana, papaya, yams or carrots in the feeder and let baby chew on it and taste the wonderful new flavors!

Start adding water to baby’s daily liquid intake.  Baby should be drinking 3-8 ounces of water each day, in addition to their diet of breast milk or formula.   It is still too early to add cow’s milk to baby’s diet.  Wait until baby is one year old to add juices or cow’s milk.

Spend your free time playing games with baby.  This is such a fun age.  Practice clapping hands.  Start playing with blocks and show baby how to stack them.  Sing song, dance, and read nursery rhymes.  Read lots of books with great illustrations and let baby see and feel the pictures.   Hold baby in front of a mirror – they love looking at themselves at this age.


Enjoy as much as you can.   The days are flying by.