The name of the baby is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make during (or at the end of) pregnancy. And though we’ve all heard crazy stories of mothers wanting to name their children Epidural or Meconium in their post-birth haze, we doubt you’ll take it lightly.

Some people knew what they wanted to name their children when they were in middle school, and have hung on to those names all this time. Some people prefer to wait until after the baby’s birth to choose a name, because they want to know the person they are naming. Some think naming is the job of the father, although more commonly it’s considered the mother’s prerogative. But ideally both parents will agree.

Don’t get so hung up on a name that it causes a fight! There are plenty of names in the world. And sometimes names grow on people, so give things time.

There are plenty of factors that can be included in a name choice, too! Some people look for a special meaning in the names. Some people choose names based on the rhythm or sound. Some babies are named for special relatives. Whichever things are important to you, make sure you say your child’s potential name out loud a few times… just to spot any potential troubles like an embarrassing nickname or an unfortunate associations. Think about how it will sound when they’re grown too. It’s a long way off now, but they’ll spend more time as an adult than a child!

Whether you named your baby before your wedding, have a list of twenty names you and your spouse hope to pick from, or are waiting until you meet your new little one, I know you’ll pick a perfect little name.

Baby Discovery Box Team