For some reason, nursing bras are the worst. Lingerie companies typically produce bras that are beige, shapeless, and undecorated. Unhelpfully, these are sized as S, M, and L, as if once you’re nursing, the complexity of breast fitting evaporates. If you’re not picky, or like your girls to roam free, power to you! For those of you who don’t feel put together without a bra, or like to know you’re wearing nice undies, here are some tried and true mom favorites:


The Easy Option

Target nursing bras and camis are actually fairly comfortable and affordable. Plus Target is everywhere, so it’s easy to try their things on. If you need fairly well-wearing bras without a lot of hassle, this is the place for you. (Try the Auden brand specifically.)


The Popular Choice

Kindred Bravely has a pretty impressive brand awareness, and an equally impressive choice of styles on their website. From comfy t-shirt bras to sports bras to plunge bras for your daring wardrobe choices, they have something. Their sizing is also quirky, which may help those of you who struggle with separating your worth from the number around your chest.


Recommended for Busty Moms

A boutique owner offered the brand Anita as an overall favorite for moms with larger cup sizes. Their sizing goes up to 48J, and rave reviews are all over their site.


The Online Shopping Experience

Nothing beats trying clothes on. But for getting as close as possible, Her Room takes the award. Not only do they have a truly impressive range of sizes (though these vary by brand), but each bra has a virtual fitting room where you can test different necklines against the shape of the bra. And each bra has fitter’s remarks to help you make a very educated decision.


The Super Fun Bra

Some days, even having a choice of solid colors is way too boring. You need something that you can vibe with. You need the Ollie Gray line of bras. A small line, and with somewhat more limited sizing, Ollie Gray bras have a ton of fun fabric choices so that even your bra can show your style.


The Bombshell

When you want to feel sexy in lace, Seraphine bras are here for you. Soft lace, elegant shaping, and quality construction mean you’ll still feel comfortable even though you’re ready to make “come hither” eyes and engage in some “quality grown-up time.”