You look down at your baby doing something sweet and adorable, and snap a picture. The picture is perfect in every way. You pull up Instagram. Should you post that picture?

Here are some things to consider.

Sharing pictures of your children is a method of connection. Sharing feeds the bonds that people have formed with you, and makes opportunity for new connections as well.

Sharing pictures of your children reveals them to the public. Not only can people see what you post (and you may say you only share to friends, but everyone has one or two random people they don’t talk with anymore buried at the bottom of their follow list), but also most social media are allowed to use pictures you post.

Children become aware of being perceived at a young age. A two-year-old can ask to have his picture taken and then demand you send it. “To grandma” and “to the internet” aren’t different to him right now, but either subtly shapes his worldview and expectations about life.

What are your goals? This is the main question. What do you want for your child’s life regarding their interaction with social media? Whose opinions do you want them to value about their appearance and behavior? Whatever your choices are, know them. Don’t throw your family into the sea of the future without intent. But if you do know your intent, you will be able to discern which things align with your goals and which don’t.

Baby Discovery Box Team