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  1. Babies are all born with blue eyes, even if they’re genetically brown-eyed. The eyes change color, usually over a few weeks, but sometimes over as many as two years.

  2. Baby teeth were called “milk teeth” in the past.

  3. Babies have a reflex when their foot is stroked which makes the toes flex. In children and adults, the reflex is opposite, and the toes curl up when the foot is stroked.

  4. Babies can’t understand what their eyes see when they’re born and rely on hearing and smell. After several weeks, they can make out things within arm’s length, but it takes several months before they understand what they’re seeing far away.

  5. Babies’ heartbeats synchronize with the adults holding them when they’re newborn, but later only with their parents.

  6. Babies can recognize when someone is speaking their native language over a foreign language as young as 9 months old.

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Baby Discovery Box Team