We skimmed the web this week and found some of the best parenting hacks you might not have seen. No scams in this, only things that really work!


  1. The cute criss-cross shoulders on onesies are designed so you can roll the garment off the baby – in case of spills or messes!

  2. Skip a baby bathtub! Bathe baby in the kitchen sink, or use a small laundry basket in the regular tub.

  3. If you use wet wipes and have trouble getting just one wipe (were wipe packages invented by those magicians that pull scarves out of their sleeves?), wrap a hair tie around one end of the package. Then you’ll only get one. It’s pure magic!

  4. Hang bibs on the back of the high chair with a Command hook. Then you’ll always have them where you need them!

  5. Instead of getting frustrating child locks, arrange your cupboards so that kid-safe dishes and supplies are below counter-height. Tupperware, pots and pans, and tight-sealing containers are great candidates to replace glass dishes, hazardous cleaning supplies, and plastic baggies. (Put cleaning supplies over the washing machine or in the pantry!)

When your child gets into the toddler stage and is fascinated by your garbage, prevent them from rooting in it by having them be the designated thrower-away of things. This way, they learn what’s in the garbage without dumping it over and crawling through it like a shorthair raccoon!

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Baby Discovery Box Team