Birth is a massively emotional and physical event. It has world-changing ramifications, and completely changes your existence.

Which means there’s a lot of potential for carelessness or malicious intent to turn your birth into a difficult, disappointing, or (hopefully not) traumatic experience.


You don’t want that. We don’t want that for you. So we encourage you to bring an advocate to be by your side.


Why not advocate for yourself?

Because when you’re in labor, you have enough to do. It’s rare for a woman to have a clear head all the way through labor. Someone who knows your goals and plans for your birth can help you keep your head in the midst of your emotional states.


Who your advocate shouldn’t be.

It shouldn’t be your partner because they’re also undergoing their own major life change. It shouldn’t be your mother or your mother-in-law if you have a rocky relationship with either of those. It shouldn’t be the nurses at the hospital (they have shifts and other patients.)


Who your advocate should be.

It should be a woman you can trust, who has experienced birth and can support your goals. It could be your mother or mother-in-law. It could be a doula. It could be a church friend or a mom-group friend.


Studies indicate that merely having another person in the room with you will make your labor more in your control. That’s what we want you to have – a labor and birth where you feel as in charge and capable as possible.

Baby Discovery Box Team