Swaddled baby

The big question: Does swaddling really work?

From one parent to the next, let me tell you, it really does. When done correctly, swaddling your little one can really be a sanity saver. If you have a fussy baby who at times can be difficult to put down for a nap, or bedtime, swaddling is the answer! 

The science behind it is simple: By restricting motor activity and mimicking the comfort and warmth of a mothers womb, swaddling will help your little one relax, feel at ease, and hopefully doze off for a much needed nap or a full nights sleep! This results in both a happy baby AND parent! We know just as well as you do how easily your days and nights can start blending together with a new baby in the picture – so grab a swaddle and try it out! 

If you need help on swaddling – follow these easy steps:

1. Spread out your swaddle and fold down one corner placing your baby’s head above the fold.

2. Wrap one side of the swaddle over your baby’s body making sure arms are inside the swaddle, then tuck.

3. Next, fold up from the bottom of your swaddle..

4. And wrap the other side of the blanket across your baby’s body! 

You want a pretty tight wrap to ensure that you’re mimicking a mothers womb but making sure that around the hip area of your little one is a tad loose is preferred. This will ensure total comfort! 

Our team at Baby Discovery Box hope to be a help in your journey through parenting! It is a beautiful, magical experience (when well rested)! Cheers to you and your little one! Happy Swaddling! 🙂