baby learning sign language

There are MANY benefits to having your baby learn sign language. It may seem tough to do, but just like with everything else in life, with practice you can succeed and thrive! Keep reading to learn the amazing benefits of teaching your little one sign language! 

We all know that as your baby starts to babble, it means that they are learning to communicate! More often than not, it can be frustrating for your little one that they can’t fully express what they are trying to tell you, which then leads to tantrums and tears. We’ve all been there, feeling helpless while trying to console a crying baby and not having a clue what they want or need! That’s why teaching your baby sign language at an early age can help with communicating. They can sign to you if they are hungry, if their tummy hurts, if they want their stuffed animal, etc. They know the signs and will communicate them to you! 

When you and your baby are able to communicate, it makes for a closer, tighter bond. When your baby knows you understand them or are even trying to, it gives them a real sense of closeness to you. It’ll help you feel more ‘in tune’ with your baby’s wants and needs. Meaning a lot less moments of distress! 

Early exposure to sign language helps babies develop their communication, reasoning, and language skills! Learning sign language can help your baby develop phrases, and longer sentences when communicating with you. Instead of screaming and yelling to get what they want or explain what they need, they will sign to you! Understanding feelings is hard, let alone expressing them. That is why teaching your little one sign language is so extremely beneficial!

We happen to love the book “My First Baby Signs” by Phil Conigliaro. This book is available in Discovery Box 8. There are lots of good baby sign language books available.

Happy teaching!

With Love, the Baby Discovery Box Team