Month Six Discovery Box

Half way to a year! Box six will get your little one’s imagination really going. Your baby is starting to remember things, like her favorite toys, books, and people. Reading and talking about the pictures in books will expand your baby’s creativity. That is why every box receives a book. Reading is key to babies learning.

Mom and baby sleeping

Self Care for New Parents

We know that once baby arrives, your whole world is flipped upside down and your whole routine changes. Instead of waking up in the morning and taking a long shower followed by breakfast and coffee and followed by some quiet “you time”, it is now replaced by diaper changes, feedings, and long cries for mom…

Swaddled baby

Swaddling Baby

The big question: Does swaddling really work? From one parent to the next, let me tell you, it really does. When done correctly, swaddling your little one can really be a sanity saver. If you have a fussy baby who at times can be difficult to put down for a nap, or bedtime, swaddling is…