baby eating from spoon in high chair

Intro to Baby-led Weaning

If the idea of painstakingly spooning tiny bites of food into the mouth of your squirmy baby sounds horrible, you might be interested in baby-led weaning. If you’re trying to prolong breastfeeding to continue reaping the benefits, baby-led weaning is a great solution!

three women with their newborn babies

How to Find Your Mom Tribe

When you don’t have support, motherhood can be so much harder. Finding a mom tribe is so, so helpful. From having someone to listen to your concerns and say, “Oh, that’s normal,” to having a reason to leave the house and a place that won’t judge you for wearing second day (or fourth day) hair, a mom tribe is an important place for you.

Mom playing with baby on floor

Not Sure How to Play with Your Baby?

So you’ve made it through your delivery. You’ve survived your first few weeks of no sleep and feeding routines. Your baby is starting to have regular awake periods where they’re REALLY awake and… you’re not sure what to do with them. And it’s a little embarrassing to not be sure what to do with your…

three month old baby on tummy laughing

Three Month Old Babies

The three-month-old stage is often a favorite for parents. Here’s what you can look forward to with your three-month-old! First of all, baby should be starting to sleep a bit longer and maybe mom is catching up on some much-needed sleep.  That will allow you to enjoy baby more when they are awake.   At age 3 months…