Hi Pattie, I was over Nick and Janna’s last night and Janna showed me the Book on baby Signing!  I was just elated that this book was sent.  It means so much to us and your company is all inclusive to the needs of our family.  The service speaks volumes and our whole family is thrilled with your company.  Thank. you a million times!

“Nana” Ginny

The service speaks volumes and our whole family is thrilled with your company.

I found the boxes extra special with having the 2nd baby.  It gave us something to celebrate each month when we are all so busy and overwhelmed with having a toddler and a baby.  Plus it allowed my 2nd child to have some of her “own” fresh new toys.  My toddler loved getting the boxes and helping the baby “open” the boxes. Tiffany O

Extra special with having the 2nd baby.

This is a great subscription for new parents! Each box came with a book, a few developmental and educational toys, and a handful of other goodies: snacks, feeding supplies, etc. I found each of the items to be high quality. Highly recommend! Christina

This is a great subscription for new parents!

I received a 6 month subscription of Discovery boxes as a baby gift for my 2nd child.  We loved them so much we continued our subscription for the full year!  Every month my toddler helps open his little sister’s Discovery Box.  It’s exciting for all of us and helps us celebrate baby #2 and allow them some of their “own” toys.  Everything is age and developmentally appropriate and takes out the stress of having to research and purchase things individually.  Additionally notecards are included with information about the items and ideas on how to incorporate them into you and your baby’s day! Tiffany

We loved so much we continued our subscription for full year!

I absolutely love when it talks about at each month what they’re becoming more aware of, etc. for instance when it spoke about sounds and rattles. I started using the rattle technique while he does tummy time so he can follow the noise. Nikki

Love the cards in each box

We received Baby Discovery Boxes as a gift and it was awesome! Love all the different interactive toys that we received through the 12 month subscription. Every box was geared perfectly for that month and got our little one engaging in different activities. So many fun, quality toys that even our 3 year old loved to explore and teach baby. I wasn’t just excited to see what toys were going to be in the box, but I looked forward every month to getting new tips on motherhood and the development of baby. The toys we received grew with the baby! It is so nice to know that I am giving my baby the needs for development without having to do hours of research. This company truly cares about us benefiting from every product and the development of our baby! I HIGHLY recommend Baby Discovery Box!  Savannah

So many fun, quality toys….

This is the best gift for new parents! It has taken the guesswork out of what books and toys are age appropriate and has helped us interact with our daughter. We have loved every box and look forward to getting them each month! Laura S. (Gifted with a full year subscription to Discovery Box)

This is the best gift for new parents!

My baby loves the toys that came in our Discovery Box. Every box arrived quickly. Love the reusable box and the fact that it arrived in another box and was clean and actually able to be reused! Thanks so much. Ashley

My baby loves Discovery Box

I received test products for the Discovery Box and all the toys and books that I reviewed were fabulous. My baby loved the Sassy toys the best and months later is still playing with them. Jennifer R

Best monthly box ever!

I was given the Discovery Box monthly for a year as a baby shower gift. All I can say is I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Discovery Box team. Every month I received a box that contained the perfect items for my baby. We had so much fun trying everything out. The information provided with each box was so helpful. Loved it all. Sarah

Best Baby Gift