Discovery Box 12 Months – Paid in Advance


Twelve boxes of books and toys shipped out over baby’s first year.


Save money by paying in advance!    We will ship a box each month for twelve months, beginning with month one.   You must start with box one and then we ship out each subsequent box every 30 days.  If baby hasn’t been born yet, let us know via email to and we will ship out Discovery Box One now and then put your account on hold and you can email us with baby’s birthday and we will calculate the dates to send out future boxes.

Each box contains a selection of books and toys that match up with baby’s developmental stages.   In addition, each box contains 2-6 cards that contain information for mom on activities to do with baby.   Our website also has a great blog that contains information and tips for new mom’s.

We are so happy you have chosen us to come along and guide you on this wonderful journey called motherhood!



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