You’re probably finding out your little one is more curious and active then ever before! Has baby started to crawl yet? If not, it will be happening soon! This is such an exciting time. A couple of toys that you will receive in Box Eight will be perfect to set away from baby and get him to crawl to it. Here is what will be included in Box Eight.

  • My First Baby Signs” Book:  Amercian baby sign language is a proven bridge between baby talk and their first words.  This book has pull tabs that demonstrate exactly how to make each sign. Just pull the tab, point to the moving sign, and say the word. Your baby will be signing in now time!
  • Bell Rattle: Babies love grasping onto this toy and learning to shake it to make noise. When baby is ready to crawl, place the rattle in front and watch them try and catch it and jingle it with pride!
  • Wonder Wheel: Catch your baby’s attention with the spinning wheel and bright colors. The wheel encourages baby to reach, tug, and bat at it. It features a suction cup base that is perfect to place on a highchair.
  • Baby Food Teething Wafers: Organic teething wafers are easy for baby to hold on to and get a great taste of food flavor. These snacks are gentle on the gums and have a soft, quick dissolving texture that is ideal for teething babies.
  • Bamboo Animal Bowl: This is the perfect stepping stone for your little one to start feeding themselves. The bowl has an easy grip on the side and is deep enough to keep the food inside the bowl.
  • Bamboo Spoon: The bamboo spoon is a healthy alternative to plastic spoons. Great addition to meal time and teaching your little one on how to use utensils.