All about touch. Box five lets your little one explore all different types texture. Your baby will lift and hold objects now on their own but will still use their mouth to feel and explore objects. Look for different textures – smooth, rough, hard, or soft. Babies learn about the world through touch and play. Here is what will be included in Box Five:

  • “What Can I Feel?” book: This is the perfect book to explore the concept of touch and texture differences for baby.
  • Flutterby Teether: So many textures for baby to explore! The sterilized water filled wings provide a cooling sensation and additional texture for baby to explore. The tonal colors also encourage eye sight development.
  • Pup Activity Cube: This busy block will sure stimulate babies with multiple fabric textures, rattle and crinkle paper inside, and a handle to grasp. With embroidered eyes that open to close, parents can create a fun playtime, bedtime, or nap time stories.
  • Silk Scarves: Colorful scarves are so fun to play with baby. From Peek-a-boo to tug-a-war, the scarves will be attached to a wood ring teether. There will be card in the box that will give you many ideas on how to play with baby.
  • Special gift for mom: Mom will receive a little something special from us!