There are going to be so many exciting developments that are going to happen with your nine month old. From crawling to waving “bye-bye” and moving well in their eating journey with new tastes and textures. Box Nine has many fun toys where you will be able to play with your little one and encourage your baby to explore the world around them! Here is what will be included in Box Nine:

  • What Can I See” Book: A perfect book to encourage your little one to babble and chatter. Explore the concept of sight in this great book!
  • Bumpy Ball: The bright colors, bold patterns and easy-to-grasp bumps make this ball a must have. It allows baby to focus and strengthen vision. It also encourages baby to reach, grasp and transfer from one hand to another, developing baby’s motor skills.
  • Musical Shapes Tambourine: Strike up the baby band! This wooden tambourine toy is great to introduce baby to music.
  • Musical Shapes Maraca: Add the maraca to the band too! This features securely enclosed bead chambers, square design and a smooth carved handle. This will sure capture your little one’s attention!
  • Oball Original Ball: This is the best ball for your little one. With 32 finger holes, it makes it easy for baby to grasp onto. Get ready to play ball with your little one.
  • Special gift for mom: Mom will receive a little something special from us!