Congratulations on your baby! Baby Discovery Box one is designed to begin the bonding between parent and baby. We want you to start the stimulation of baby’s senses such as touch and sight. Box one will include many items that will introduce baby to the world! Here is what will be included in box one:

  • 100% muslin swaddle blanket: This swaddle blanket has an adorable giraffe and elephant print on it and will sure keep baby snuggled in. Use it as a stroller cover, burp cloth, swaddle, nursing cover and more!
  • “Hello, Garden Bugs” book: Ladybugs, snails, and butterflies! Oh My! Newborns cannot fully recognize colors, so the shar contrast between black and white patterns allows babies to follow along and make connections to the real world. So important for their communication skills.
  • Fabric Wood Teether: These wooden teethers are great for babies. They are easy to grasp, make sound, and great for teething on the wooden ring. Great toy to through in the diaper bag while out and about.
  • Chomp the Dinosaur Blankie: This blanket blankie will become one of babies favorite blankies. It features an ultra-soft textured fabric that you will have to feel to believe. Chomp also comes with a silicon teether to soothe baby’s gums. This is the perfect cuddle blankie.
  • Special gift for mom: Mom will receive a little something special from us!