Box Seven is all about taste! Your little one is now getting introduced to solids and all the different flavors of food. How exciting! They are going to love some flavors and they are going to dislike some others. Watch for all the silly reactions you will get. You might want to have your camera ready to capture their reactions. Your little one might be teething and in this box you will get some great teethers. Here is what will be included in Box Seven:

  • “What Can I Taste” book: From soft, fruity banana to sweet trickles of juice, babies explore the sense of taste.
  • Silicone Fruit Feeder: This feeder serves two purposes at once. It is a pacifier fruit and vegetable holder and a teether toy. The feeder allows only the tiniest of food pieces to go through to prevent choking. This is a great way to introduce baby to vegetables, meat, fruit, and so much more!
  • Chewbie Turtle Activity Toy: This activity toy/security blanket features a teething toy, ring rattle, triangle and satin knot. The perfect toy for your little one to play with at home or on the go.
  • Organic Food Pouch:  Organic Baby Food from Mama Bear or Earth’s Best.  Both  offer high-quality organic ingredients for your little one. This pouch is perfect to have on hand when on the go!
  • Pacifier Clip: This homemade pacifier clip from Ever Oh is perfect to attach to your baby’s clothes, teether ring or blanket. It is also a great comfort for your teething baby while keeping the pacifier from dropping on the ground.
  • Special gift for mom: Mom will receive a little something special from us!