Box six will get your little one’s imagination really going. Your baby is starting to remember things, like their favorite toys, books, and people. Reading and talking about the pictures in books will expand your baby’s creativity. That is why every box includes a book. Reading is key to babies learning. Here is what will be included in Box Six:

  • “The Going To Bed Book”: The energetic animals are getting ready to sleep. This is the perfect end of the day with baby, just before bedtime.
  • “Are You A Cow?” book: This charming and hilarious story is perfect for parent and baby. A clever chicken narrates and asks you and baby questions throughout the book. Baby will start to learn animal recognition skills as well as important understanding: No matter who we are, it’s great to just be ourselves.
  • Stacking Cups: Filling, pouring, and sprinkling water with these stacking cups turns bath time into play time. These cups are designed for little hands to hold on to.  They will stimulate baby’s sensory, movement, interactive, cognitive, and creative pathways through development. Green Sprouts cups are environmentally friendly and made from plants.
  • Bunny Rabbit Teething Ring: This teether is perfect to soothe and calm baby. It is soft on baby’s gums to help manage their discomfort during teething. The textured handle is easy for holding and the bunny design will sure put a smile on your little one. It even  enhances your baby’s visual motor and sensory skills, and helps in developing hand-to-mouth coordination.
  • Blankie Cow: This is the perfect little security blanket and tagalong for your baby. It is the perfect material for baby to snuggle with while reading your “Are You a Cow?” book.
  • Burt’s Bee Shampoo & Wash: Bathe your baby in worry-free with this fragrance-free, tear-free cleanser. The soothing formula will be extra gentle on your little one’s skin. Perfect size for traveling.