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What can I expect to find in each box?
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Each box has a book inside for you and your little one to discover. Reading to your baby has many benefits, makes for a great way to bond, and also helps your baby develop communication skills early on! Your voice is home for them. Take their imagination on a wild ride with some snuggles, and a book from us to you. 
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Our mission, is to take learning and make it fun and enjoyable for baby and parent. We took all of the 5 senses and incorporated them into our boxes with age specific toys for your baby as they grow, to help develop fine motor skills needed for everyday life. Helping your little one get a jump start on development, and giving them a sense of what they’re capable of! Discover the magic of learning AND having fun while doing so! 


Your little ones first few weeks are mostly spent with you, all cozied up! In box 1, we included a swaddle to help with those first few weeks. Swaddles are incredible for helping a fussy baby get to sleep, leaving more room for play and discovery! Which is why we have also included various plush toys for your little one to play with, helping them discover muscle
Silicone Teether


Exploring the vast sense of taste and smell is so important to do as you grow. We have added various age appropriate food items into our boxes to help your little one discover their sense of taste. Yum! Watch as your baby conquers solid foods! With the help from you, of course 🙂
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Each month we ship out a different box that is designed specifically for baby at that stage of development.

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A baby learns so much in their first year. Baby's body will develop and they will learn fine motor skills.



Laughter is a major milestone for baby. Hearing babies first giggles is a music to any parent's ears. A baby's laugh is easy to recognize and is so genuine. So enjoy and revel in baby's joy.



Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.

We have waded through all the research and expert advice on baby development and created age specific toys, books and resources packed into a monthly box that helps parents create an enriching environment in which family bonds together through a process of learning, laughter and creative play.

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